Scotts IP – is one of Australia’s integration specialist companies that provide cutting edge technologies, products and services to businesses.


We offer Sip / VoIP, Voice and Data services and internet products for business to communicate using today’s technologies.

We offer business customers access to our enterprise level Broadsoft service, and our nested SIP VoIP services. Scotts IP has aligned with some of the major carriage providers to be able to ensure that our customers receive quality premium services.




Scotts IP, is one of Australia’s experienced HyBrex authorised dealers and professional installers – please look at the HyBrex range of telephone systems and handsets to evaluate for your next on premise, business office system.



If your needs are multi site or needs are advanced facilities and features, then perhaps take a look at our Grandstream IP PBX Offering.

We have a system to suit the most needy environments. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or clarification.

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