HyBrex DK9-DSS

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HyBrex DK9 DSS/BLF Console for DK9 series telephones.

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DK9-DSS Console

DK9-DSS Console Unit


  • 30 DSS keys with bi-colour LEDs.
  • M keys allow mapping of second set of key assignments.
  • Free standing or bracket mount to DK9 handset.

The DK9-DSS console is the companion for a DK9 series handset in a reception/switch situation. Also usable in other situations if required.
This console is colour and form matched to the DK9 series handsets, and features 30 programmable DSS keys with bi-colour LEDs, allowing at a glance knowledge and control of an office telephone network.
Keys are individually programmable, via system DSS key plan, for station BLF / DSS or system function . Memory keys allow on-the-fly use of second set of key mappings from the assigned key plan. The number of consoles with differing key-maps deployable is regulated by key plans available, which is relative to the system in use: 1 key plan on G1E plus, 8 key plans on GDS160, 20 key plans on GDS320, and so on upwards. The absolute number of consoles that can be deployed is only limited by system port availability. In addition to these key plan notes, system compatibility of this console is as per notes in the DK9-15 section above.

Console units can be free standing but are designed to be integrated with a DK9 handset using a sturdy bracket mount. Additional console units can be attached in the same fashion if required.
Wiring requirements are a single pair to the system and a digital system port per console deployed. When partnered with a DK9 phone the first console connection can be made via the phone thereby minimising the number of cables required.